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Artist Statement
“I believe the past lives in all of us. As the child of a veteran antique dealer, I was brought up to value the old, broken, discarded items that are now an important part of my sculptures. Over the last 20 years I have used a paper pulp mixture to encrust figurative forms with rocks, vine, bone, barnacles and man-made items that have been aged and altered by sun, wind and water. I favor the textures and broken forms of ancient sculptures lifted from an archaeological logical dig bringing with them the sedimentation of centuries.

I also collect the ephemera and fragments of our recent past to enrich and illustrate the mystery of each sculpture. I may base a work on the serene Cycladic forms, Greek mythology, Maori carvings or more recently, the intimate relationship between mother and child. I have happily explored motherhood from the viewpoint of the mother as well as that of a child. These are very personal works but universal and timeless in their content.”
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