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Paper Pulp &
Found Objects
I favour the textures and broken forms of ancient sculptures that look as if they have been lifted from an archeological dig, bringing with them the sedimentation of centuries. I also collect the ephemera and fragments of our own recent past to enrich and illustrate the mystery of each sculpture.

I employ a mixture of shredded news paper, glue, water and other substances (a mix introduced to me by Louisiana sculptor, Clyde Conell) that makes the dried material both rigid and archival. This pulp mixture is used to encrust figurative forms with rocks, vine, bone, barnacles and man made objects aged and altered by the sun, wind and water. These forms may be embellished with imprints, symbols and hand writing. Layer upon layer of paper pulp is built up as I embed various objects, often scorching and further distressing the surface or add layers of gesso or pigment.
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